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Awaken to Freedom, Purpose, and Life Mastery

Awakened Living Academy exists to serve as the home for conscious relationships, mindful leadership, and living our awakening in everyday life.

Every day more of us are waking up and realizing that the current paradigm is no longer working.

This mass awakening is happening at every level, from what we choose to value as individuals to how we think about our purpose in the world, to how we show up in our relationships.

We are not only ready, but hungry to learn how to bring an evolved way of being to everyday life.

We are collectively shifting to value connection to the deepest part of ourselves rather than constant doing.

We are walking together towards personal empowerment, freedom, mindfulness, heart mind & body connection and deep purpose instead of greed, fear and scarcity driving mindsets.

Awakened Living Academy exists to serve as the home for this movement of conscious relationships, mindful leadership, and living our awakening in everyday life.

It’s our mission to provide the best resources, tools, and support to master your life in an empowered and free way that deeply serves you, your community, and the world.

- Gigi Azmy & Jeremy Richardson, Co-Founders of Awakened Living Academy

The Awakened Living Academy Blueprint

There are three core pillars of mastery that we support you with at Awakened Living Academy. Each of these pillars is a vital part of life, and when you master all three, you will experience a profound sense of harmony, impact, and fulfillment.

Self Empowerment & Mastery

Self Mastery is  built on the foundation of knowing WHO you truly are, WHY you’re are truly here, WHAT the purpose of your life is, and HOW you will live that purpose into the world. When you truly know yourself, empower yourself, and commit to self mastery, your relationships and your career will reach new heights of success.

Awakened Relationships

An Awakened Relationship serves as an evolutionary catalyst for you to live up to your highest potential in every aspect of life. Whether you’re single and looking for your life partner, or you’re in a relationship that you want to take to the next level, we offer resources and support to help you step into a relationship greater than anything you can imagine.

Awakened Leadership

How do you make a profound impact on the world in a way that completely aligns with your values, your purpose, and your dream lifestyle? Awakened Leaders serve as an example of what’s possible when true self mastery is achieved and lived into the world through your deepest purpose, without limitation.

How We Can Support You

We offer a variety of resources and support, from online courses to private coaching, executive coaching & mindful leadership training, as well as a plethora of transformative content through our YouTube channel and Facebook community.

1:1 Personal & Professional Coaching

We offer world class private coaching to support you in breaking through any block and achieve your personal, relationship, and professional goals with clarity, ease, and fulfillment.

Workshops & Online Courses

We regularly hold workshops, online trainings, online courses, and retreats aimed at self empowerment, creating an Awakened Relationship, and Awakened Leadership cultivation.

Online Resources & Support Community

We regularly share new insights and trainings through written content, videos, and we provide support across a variety of topics in our Facebook community.

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In this 8 week live course, you'll uncover the biggest blocks keeping you from love so you can have the relationship you've always dreamed of.

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VIDEO: The Awakened Woman

Have you ever met a woman who was genuinely thriving, alive and powerful in her relationships, her work, her community, and life purpose?

A woman who was completely free inside, yet grounded?

If you haven’t, let me tell you about this kind of woman.

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VIDEO: The Awakened Man

Even though many men today have grown beyond the first stage type of man who is self centered, controlling, and sees women as inferior to him, the majority of us are still living as men who are attempting to play a role we think we need to play in order to make more money, have more power, be more successful, and have more sex.

This type of man is a second stage man who has not yet evolved into the third stage, or what we call The Awakened Man.

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